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    17 June 2006


    Thanks for the stitch pattern! I just made a sari silk scarf with it and it was perfect.

    Yep, she's an Eastern Uncrossed/Combination knitter. I'm getting a wide rib with lace on either side. It's completely reversible and really quite nice. It's different than the one you've got though. Your rib is narrower and you've got double lace where mine is single lace and double rib. I'll send you a picture if you want or you could check out Annie Modesitt's website for the how-to on Combination knitting. The differences are how the stitches sit on the needles and how the YO's are done.

    I'm a Combination (Eastern Uncrossed) knitter, I'll give this pattern a try and let you know if the first one is what I get or if it turns out to be the second sample. I have a feeling I'm going to get the second sample though.

    I love it. I am inclined to believe that the woman was confused about the pattern. It gives me an idea about what to w/the red orange bamboo.

    hmm... I'm not sure that eastern uncrossed would make much of a difference. It would probably just twist the stitches. I'm in Sweden and newly internet contected. I've got to start really working tomorrow.

    Oooh, yeah. I like it. Maybe she was just confused about the pattern.

    Perhaps it's lumpy bumpy ugliness isn't coming through in the picture, but I actually kind of like the first result too. So perhaps it's a question of taste?

    The second iteration is lovely as well. Sounds like a wonderful bus ride conversation.

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