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    04 November 2008


    oh, wow, *all* those pictures made me smile. It's been a long time since we've had hope, but nice cautiously having some. (my oldest voted - as did a lot of her friends. the hope comes from several directions.)

    We took Girly when we voted in the election here.

    Excellent work and very nice to drive people to the polls too.

    We won. Now to work.

    You're alive! And what a good day to be alive it is. I'm actually feeling a bit optimistic...

    voted weeks ago.

    didn't think i'd live to see this day.

    was great fun celebrating with obamites in bris.

    Trust you're doing good work in New Hampshire. Great pictures, esp. of PeachPit, who's looking a special combination of grown up and relaxed. Cheers.

    Yes I voted this am, as well. I could not wait. I love the pictures, especially those of the fam, our favorite community activist ( remember that buzz word, Sarah Palin !) and a increasingly beautiful Pit !

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