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    04 August 2008


    Is that a blue hen chicken?

    So if the wheel/loom is making you crazy you go for the firearms?

    Looks like a fun trip.

    Can I make the obvious joke about the size of that [insert euphemism for rooster here]?

    The gentleman in the first photo would make a fabulous color scheme for one of those seed stitch scarves like the one you made for Kiwi! Lately all my photos are looking like color palettes to me . . . but I haven't done anything about it.

    beautiful photos!

    pretty yarn. sea colors?

    So.... was there shooting involved?

    O what's up with that yarn !

    motto of the NRA (Naughty Ravelers Anon.):
    you can take away my yarn when you pry it from my cold dead hand.

    First thoughts on seeing each photo:

    1. Pretty!
    2. Pretty!
    4. Something for everyone!

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