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    25 June 2008


    Hi Suzanne!

    It was so great meeting you at the yeast meeting this week. And thanks for that map to Lettuce Knits, because guess what? I met the Yarn Harlot! She was very nice and sounds exactly like she does on her blog. She and her friend Denny were minding the store because its owner, Megan, just had a very cute baby. I picked out some very pretty Misti Alpaca laceweight in a deep forest green. I am planning to make a shawl for myself with it.

    Hope that you and your family had a safe trip home.

    There's something more interesting than sex?

    hee - love the definition of an intellectual. And, why yes it applies - whyever do you ask? :)

    oh, my comment deleted my search parameters (hobgoblin, sex, trifecta, & waldo).

    but your blog didn't come up. perhaps i must wait. let me tell you, way too much comes up with hobgoblin and sex. oooh there is scary stuff out there. trifecta narrowed it down a bit. not much use for that term in the p()rn industry. add waldo and it nerdifies the search - no p()rn.

    i think what is best is that if one were to google , your blog would come up.

    let's try it.

    An excellent set of observations! My life has never been more content since I stopped hoping everyone would like me. Also, I must be extremely intellectual. ;)

    That Ray Bradbury one is perfect for me today. Leave it to a sci-fi nerd to wax poetic about being outside the mainstream.

    Very nice. Worth being reminded of, esp. the last one.

    Wow, what a great set of quotes!

    I've always loved the Emerson. Ironic, since I don't believe myself to possess a little mind, but I treasure consistency. Perhaps it's not foolish if it works?

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