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    19 August 2008


    yarn is tax free? cool. i just found out that tampons are taxed here in oz because they're a luxury. is that the same in the u.s.? luxury, huh?

    who decides this tax stuff and are they sober?

    That sucks about the shop. But I do like to think that yarn's tax-free status is a sign that someone in the MA legislature loves knitters and wants us to be happy. Also, from now on I am going to tell myself that all my yarn was purchased at a 5% discount.

    Sorry you had a bad experience. But enjoy the yarn anyway!

    Tax Holiday? If that means that people don't have to pay taxes for the day, how did your state go about getting that and can we have it too?

    That store sounds pretty sad. We don't have to pay provincial tax (8%) on yarn, but we do have to pay 5% GST.

    Yarn isn't taxable in PA either - it is verrrryyyy surprising that they wouldn't know the tax terms in the state they're doing business in.....

    Ug! That's awful. Sorry I suggested it :-(
    And I want my tax money back!

    So, one wonders if the store has been taxing yarn all along....

    It is some special Massachusetts thing that yarn isn't taxed? 'Cause trust me, in California it is taxed in full. We don't have any of those state wide tax holidays either.

    wow. I am surprised by the fact that they are a yarn store that does not know that yarn is not taxed. Don't know what store that is, but I can understand why you would not go back :-)

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