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    09 November 2008


    a very happy birthday to you!

    Interesting looking at all of those guys in those terms. I've got the same presidential assortment.


    Happy birthday!

    I remember your birthday party in Nov. 1994 -- right after the 1994 election, in which the Republicans won a majority in Congress -- with one party guest declaiming, "This is the end of the Clinton Administration."

    14 years later, here we are, in a world very different in many ways.

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Ert was born on the anviversary of JFK's death. Right?

    Happy Birthday! Thank God Max's first Prez is the big "O"!

    Happy birthday! I've got you beat by one; I was born a month before JFK was shot. My mother says she held me in her arms and cried for months. Let's hope we're in for more enlightening times.

    happy birthday. what a way to look at it, too.

    Happy birthday, darling! May you experience more joy than sadness.

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