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    11 September 2008


    Why is this so obvious to those who will already vote blue?

    unrelated but... are you going to rhinebeck?

    Of course I agree with you, but now Ariel has got me crying out: Shake it, George!

    Oh Snap!

    I absolutely agree with you, but now I keep picturing George Bush squandering our nation's wealth, reputation and security while wearing a slutty blue dress. Um, an actual slutty blue dress. Not a metaphorical one.

    Yep, debt always works well in the long run. Makes people think well of a country. I know how much we as Canadians respect your moron/president right now.

    Fortunately we are pulling out by 2011. Not soon enough, but an end is better than nothing.

    I am so baffled by the other side - truly dumbfounded. It's been a terrible 8 years for this country, and our friends abroad just look on in helpless, baffled horror.

    i had someone attack me for a post on facebook. i mean, really. it's facebook. are mccain and palin followers (sleestak and the ditz) so touchy that they can't leave a silly youtube post alone. rabid. feral.


    anyway, i'm already to go to war with russia if they go after georgia. i mean, what could go wrong there? attack from alaska! get those siberians. loot the woolly mammoth archeology sites. and while there, preach abstinence, because that's working wonders in the u.s.

    You're preaching to the choir, but I say amen!

    Bravo! I only hope that the other half of the country wakes up to this...and soon.

    You say it well.

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