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    26 August 2008


    Holy guacamole, these are gorgeous pix. (Why, yes, I am way way behind on my blog reading. Thanks for noticing. It's a gift.) By all means send the pic: it can't be worse than Financial Disaster Triggering The End of Civilization As We Know It.

    Yes sed the big moth please !
    Seems dangerous !
    Lovely pictures.

    send it. i love moths. they're just butterflies of the night shift. and who ever heard of the butterfly prophecies? can't be worse than some of the life-size humans i see on a daily basis (please, do not trim your toe nails at the bus stop!).

    wow, beautiful picturs, nice work. I agree, hope the head-sized moths have no taste for wool!

    Beautiful photos!

    Niagara is a gorgeous region and if you get a chance you should check out the wineries in the area. I think there is one that has horse rides and allows children.

    Some of the best ice wines are made in Niagara wineries.

    As long as they're not wool munching moths it's okay.

    The thought of a head-sized moth makes me a little nervous.

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