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    04 June 2008


    That company is just nuts. The problem is - some poor souls would go there, reinforcing the company's belief that we're all suckers. Sigh.

    I have been dying to try that yarn btw - did you get any?

    Just plain unfair.

    wow. all entrants? so gee, they get all these designs and give up only 40-120 depending on whether they are publishing more than one pattern?

    what a rip. pah! stuff 'em!

    Yeesh, some people think designers will do anything for a bit of exposure! That's a crazy request.

    and now those journals don't even get exclusive publication rights if the work is funded by the US government.

    I wonder how many takers there will be for this competition.

    wow - that is a bit steep!
    $40, that isn't much compenstation.

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