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    08 June 2008


    Wow. I feel for you, but to tell you the truth, I'm really relieved to see that it's not just us.

    LOVE the mail tree!

    For a long time we had no back porch to speak of, and it took a long time for DH to rebuild it. I hope your front porch materializes soon.

    You could beat that only by having Thing come through a trap door in the trunk.

    It was good to finally meet you in person! Did the rest of your weekend go well?

    I love how spring brings a carpenter in the way it also brings rain :)

    And nifty solution, you clever creature.

    Ingenious mail tree! I especially love the tie-down touch.

    I hope your steps are repaired well and beautifully.

    i'm disappointed. i thought you'd have möbius steps.

    Scary !
    But what nice lovely stairs you will have for one to trounce lightly to the abode of la Suz en famille !

    I guess your steps got trounced! Good thing you have the new camera. Just passing through and thought I'd see what was doing chez helix!

    It is a know fact the Eastern Gray Squirrel is known to steal mail. - Jamie

    Well, steps like that would/should make for less unwanted visits by pollsters/sales people/evangilists... love the mail tree

    I noticed that when we were over. Very ingenious!

    I love it!

    May your front steps return to usefulness soon.

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