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    05 April 2008


    are you sure that's not woven? you wouldn't tell the world one thing to giggle as they can't repeat it, would you? i mean, you're a scientist. you are supposed to make sure all your spearmints can be repeated. but...

    are you an eeeeevil scientist?

    It's gorgeous! When I first saw the picture, I thought you bought a loom.


    Gorgeous, but that seed stitch...

    It's gorgeous! But... um... isn't 59 prime?

    Wow! It's really amazing - I've never seen knitting turn out like that!

    It looks woven. Amazing. If it weren't absolutely impossible for me to wear a woolen scarf, I might start trying to play on your legendary generosity! Brava!

    It is gorgeous! I can't imagine that much seed stitch, but the end results are amazing.


    Stunning. I love it.

    Wow -- this is stunning!

    I absolutely love that scarf! Now I'll just have to go and buy Noro for quite a few projects so that I will acquire the needed left-overs for this.

    I love this very much.

    That *is* fabulous - the texture is superb, nice work!

    Supernice. Your technique opens the door to so many possibilities -- seed-stitch magic. (Poss. book title?)

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