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    10 April 2008


    we've had some deaths in the city from jaywalking.

    what is the rush?

    People cross at lights instead of wherever they happen to be or want to go? Odd, that.

    I bet if you pissed the monkeys off or scared the hell out of them they would throw the peaches at you instead of eating them.

    I remember when traveling in the Northwest, how puzzled I was that everyone waited while the "Don't Walk" sign blinked. It felt very odd for me who was used to darting across the street against traffic at every light.

    My thoughts while walking are not dissimilar from that. Throw in a "People, if you are going to own a dog in the city, please pick up their shit" and we're good to go.

    You're welcome. (It's my proofreader's eye. I am completely hopeless at higher math, but likely to catch arithmetic errors.)

    Unwritten urban traffic law: whatever is moving fastest when the light changes has the right of way.

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