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    23 April 2008


    Oh My thanscompletelyfuckingperfect G!d.

    I know you told me about this but I had *no* idea how adorable it was. Er, he was. That is priceless.

    Happy Belated Mother's Day! I hope it was a good one and you were spoiled rotten for the whole weekend or at least had as much fun as I had.

    I love that picture.

    kids who appreciate hand knits should definitely be rewarded.

    Completely awesome. The color works, the kid is as cute as can be. Isn't knitting the best?

    kiwi is adorable!

    okay. you did it. i believe you. now i wonder if other scientists will put cute kids on their posters at conferences so people will be sucked in.

    i want to do that scarf. argh to live in the subtropics! wait, i'm going home in november. i will need warmth. hm...

    Small boys with a passion for color absolutely should be given something beautiful. And that scarf not only fits the bill, but suits him. What an adorable boy.

    He is so cute - and you are so cool.

    Kiwi looks great in his new scarf! That was very kind and generous of you to make it for him.

    Kiwi is beautiful and the scarf is perfect for him. What a thoughtful thing for you to do.

    Cute kid, cute scarf. Win-win!

    Omigod. I am on the verge. He is so very precious, the scarf is lovely and you are beautiful to have made it for him.

    An appreciation for color and fiber should always be encouraged! Nice work, cute kid.

    Aw, what a great gift. Kiwi is adorable, and the scarf is gorgeous as always!

    What a wonderful gift for a very cute Kiwi :-)

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