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    30 March 2008


    Lucky BlackTabi to get all that stripey goodness gratis. I've never gotten the problem with ribbing, though. I think the hard part is to get the carried yarn up the side with and even tension and a neat selvedge. Very nice!

    What a lovely scarf and a lovely gesture. You are a generous person.

    That looks amazing! Excellent job with it.

    continental... yes, i do that, too, and don't fear the ribber. could that be the difference? i love ribbing. 1x1 would be like the aerobics grapevine for the fingers.

    It's GORGEOUS! But... 1x1? Never.

    Yeah for black Tabi !
    Lucky Gal !

    Very cheerful! I'm not a 1x1 ribbing person, but somehow, in these scarves, it goes fairly quickly and isn't .. painful. :-)

    I'll probably never knit one of those scarves, but I have to ask: do you knit English or Continental? Since I learned Continental I'm no longer scared of ribbing.

    And now I'm getting a very weird idea...

    I love those scarves, but I'm with Ariel on the ribbing issue. Ugh!

    You know, I saw your rescue post and wondered whether you were going to knit up another striped scarf with it, but I never would have guessed that those yarns turned into this scarf! You are quite the wizard of color.

    Brunch was hectic last week, and I feel like I didn't get the chance to thank you properly, so - thanks again! I still can't believe my good fortune to have one of these lovely works to wrap around my own neck. I've been wearing it around, even on the not-so-cold days this week.

    Your Kureyon scarves are beautiful, but GOOD GOD, woman, the ribbing! How can you knit all that 1X1 ribbing? Are the colors really that much fun? Or are you secretly thinking "if I have to flip that working yarn from back to front one more time, I'll..." Uh, I guess we know that I'm a process knitter now, don't we?

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