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    12 March 2008


    I gave to Obama's campaign last month. I have to say, I was behind him anyway, but then I heard something on NPR that points to exactly the type of Clinton-campaign nonsense you're talking about.

    There was a debate last month, and in the middle of it, Hillary was asked a tough question, and she literally stopped and said "I just want to draw attention to the fact that I always get asked these types of questions first", implying that she was being picked on.

    I damn near pulled my car over to the side of the road. Seriously? Okay, when she's in the White House and she's at a press conference, is she gonna pull a line like that out again? Let's feel sorry for the poor woman running for president, she feels like the big, bad men are beating up on her? It wasn't just unimpressive, it made her sound downright ridiculous.

    So, yeah, even if I didn't know anything else about her platform, that alone would have been enough for me to say "You know what, I don't need a president who's going to whine about having to take shit from people before even getting into office, kk thx."

    I haven't been over here in a really long time, and I forget why. Big-time thanks for the comment on my blog that nudged me to come back.

    oh at times like these, i'm glad i'm not in the u.s. until just before the election. i get it filtered.

    we have this:,22049,23366610-5005941,00.html
    (would be? is!)

    I've finished the Callisto and am posting about it on my blog. Now, in giving you credit I plan to link to your blog, however I'm not sure if you want me to use your nom de web (which I have done for the time being) or to use your real name. Despite the fact that the only people who read my blog have already knit with you in person, I still wanted to give you a heads up and to ask you to let me know your preference, if you have one.

    Real name and link to blog?
    Web name and link to blog?
    Real name and no blog?
    Complete and utter anonymity?
    A stage name, like Foofie McButter?

    Let me know. :)

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