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    28 February 2008


    oh my, ramen noodles of love!

    i'm behind. you're in nature? that's, like, dooood, one step away from cosmo! sure, you need to step away from science and delve into deeper topics like the 5-minute orgasm while shopping for the perfect gift for his mother, but dooood!!!! you're almost there.

    i just wanted to get "cosmo" somewhere on your blog. i think your blood pressure needed cranking. don't worry. karma will get me. i'll walk around with t.p. stuck to my shoe. it always happens.

    funny - I saw "brains" too when looking at this picture (especially the green). Glad you got some celebratory yarn - as long as it makes you happy, that is what is important.

    They look so nice in the bath though.

    Acrylic might not have memory as per say, but it can warp. I bet seed stitch would hide it quite well though.

    Hmmm, maybe a little warm water would erase Wool Ease's memory. Great photo!

    How I love Sheep Shop yarn. Mmmm. So what *have* you decided to do with them?

    Those look like technicolor brains! They'll make a good afghan.

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