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    14 February 2008


    I love that PeachPit is a sushi fan, also. My son was a sushi-eating monster, and every year he required an increasingly expensive sushi outing for his birthday dinner. Little sister didn't usually come with us, especially after she fell prey to Bambi syndrome and wouldn't eat anything that had ever had a face (seriously). But I'll never forget the woman in the full kimono who bowed to him and said "Young master use chopsticks very well." That may have been his first big crush!

    I've got my fingers crossed for you on the paper reviews.

    While carnations do look like someone had at them with scissors, I like them. They look a bit like someone handmade some pretty art added a nice spicy scent and presented them with delicate hope of seeing joy in the eyes of the recipient.

    I hope your paper gets a good review and you can relax and begin to enjoy life again.

    May this unmet woman come along to make your day very soon.


    i like carnations, but your manboy has a point. now that's all i can think of.

    Carnations have a lovely scent. I'm sorry to hear that you've been out of sorts.

    I LIKE carnations, especially when they have that spicy smell to them.

    Just dropping by to say hey. I love that PeachPit is a sushi fan. Did I tell you that the last time I saw her, she was analyzing the differences and similarities between ice and salt and evaluating the outcomes of stepping on one versus the other?

    Well I like carnations, and not just because they have stamina. Thier meanings in a nosegay:

    CARNATION (Solid color) - Yes
    CARNATION (Striped) - No
    CARNATION (Red) - Admiration
    CARNATION (White) - Innocence

    Hope ypur sushi was yummy - Happy V Day!

    Hmmm, is your blogless day-maker a paper reviewer, by chance?

    Here's hoping that everything gets wrapped up by SPA so that you can move on and celebrate for real!

    Joan of Arc? Madame Curie? Rosalind Franklin? Madonna? Sushi + sake = good times. Enjoy the flowers - they look great.

    Hmmm. Now that's a puzzlement. A friend thought carnations looked funereal; I think they're cheerful and hardy -- winter can use some of that.

    I've always thought carnations were pretty, and not understood why they have such a pedestrian reputation - unless perhaps it's their very robustness that causes this, since they do not need to be coddled.

    Lovely flowers, I hope you enjoyed your sushi =)

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