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    28 January 2008


    ah, yeah, the SOTU drinking game! yes, I usually down a good bit of drink every time he says "terrorist" and that gets through most of a bottle of wine all by itself. Middle child wanted to watch it, put it on the calendar and everything, but forgot. I was at class (sigh!).


    It's a good strategy, friend, but why bother with the speech when the drinking could be such fun? Seriously, I've watched every SOTU speech since I was in grade school except the last seven. I can't stand to look at him or listen to his voice.

    i don't have to see that now. i can just read about it. did you have anything for when he ... pauses... to complete a sentence?

    like, "those terrorists are... well... they're uh... bad." whoot!

    i loved the uk times's headline a while back "how can 50,???,??? be that stupid" or something like that. my favourite and yet i can't memorise it.

    My problem was that I wasn't drinking. I was just angry. Thank goodness he is done soon. Worst president of all time. ALL TIME.

    The key to watching one of Bush's speeches to to drink beforehand. Definitely followed my own advice this year.

    I made it through a 1/2 hour then bailed out. The guy has been in office over seven years and I still haven't made it to the end of one of his State of the Union addresses. I'm just glad it's almost over.

    I must remember this during the Queen's address at Christmas. Our Prime Minister knows better than to interrupt tv. He just does the odd interview for the news and that's it.

    I just skipped it altogether this year, though I did thoroughly enjoy watching people mill around on TV and try to coax each other across the room during the Iowa caucus.

    I am at once both wildly hopeful and genuinely terrified about the November elections. Much of my political discussion comes from some webforums where the religious right run rampant (ok, mostly I just wanted to use the alliteration), so maybe my worry is more unfounded than it should be.

    I can't bear to watch it anymore. Though there was that one awesome year where W talked about gynecologists "practicing their love" with American women. Did I miss anything that good?

    Only if we can come to your house and play along. I want to say that ANYTHING will be better, but that tactic has been known to fail...

    now *that* is the way to get through one of his speaches! Although *it wouldn't be prudent* to play the same game listening to the synopsis on NPR while driving into work this morning...

    2009 - just in time?

    November (and next January) can NOT come soon enough.

    Heh. I would've watched if I had known there was a drinking game involved.

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