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    17 January 2008


    geez, I'm both another Liz and another Sydney. And I thought I was being all straightforward and not cynical at all with my answers, both times. Sigh. Born a bitch on wheels, apparently... which is fine :)

    oooh, i'm a stuart, too. but who is stuart? i prefer stewart.

    what? i'm confused....

    I, too, got cast as Stuart. And honestly, I can't see you as Sydney.

    But I am Sparrow and you have my panties !

    I am also Stuart. Not surprising since many of my friends are convinced that if there were previous lives, I was a guy and this is more than likely my first stab at being a woman.

    >> At least I dodged the Sydney bullet! I've been trying to take the edges off my cynicism and pretension.

    Sadly, I had no such luck. Maybe I'm just feeling extra cynical this week?

    Not surprisingly, a couple years ago, I got Mo. Love her. But she's a little self righteous. But weird of all weird, this time I got Clarice:

    You are Clarice, a driven, liberal, workaholic lawyer. The Bush Administration has caused you a lot of anxiety lately. You have orders to cut one volunteer commitment and spend more time playing GTA3 with your son Raffi.

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