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    21 January 2008


    In order to balance the dollar amount of the yarn purchased to finish a project, why not consider giving an equal amount of money to a children's art/music program to foster creativity in others.

    sounds like a good plan to me. moderation is usually key.

    There's nothing like a thorough analysis to make you realize how much you've been "treating" yourself. This reminds me so much of our analysis of all of our restaurant receipts ... although yours is about 10x better than that was for us!

    Okay - here's the thing. You've just started freeform right? So... in freeform - the more the merrier. Quit this whole diet idea - you need to be EXPANDING your stash for the sake of the freeform!

    Since I bought lovely baskets with lids--known commonly as hampers--to contain my stash, I can stay in denial forever by telling myself that the baskets are furniture. And I can throw clothes on top of them.
    As a math-phobe, I have no intention of adding up the cost. But as I try to put all the finished objects I've made to list on line, I do feel bad that stash wins over output. But not that bad. How you likin' the Kureyon sock yarn?

    I was kind of thinking that 2007 was a success for you since you didn't really give up on your goal. If you'd abandoned it completely that would have been a failure.

    I think your new goal sounds doable. I would add that yarn purchased in order to finish a project doesn't count as stash so long as you finish the project within the year.

    very sobering! I downloaded my ravelry stash details yesterday into a spread sheet just to see what the "stash" was worth, very sobering...

    I had actually been wondering about this particular status, what with it being a new year and all. Your new goal sounds ambitious if doable.

    Total scientist post.

    I had a wildly successful stash diet in 2007 (bought only sock yarn), but the stash is still larger than I can handle. So, 2008 brings more knitting from the stash. And I must bring my sock yarn stash to less than 10 pairs worth before buying more.

    Knit on.

    Brave you, actually adding it all up! I'm more of an "if I don't know how much I spend on yarn, I can't possibly be spending too much" girl. Admittedly, this system has its disadvantages when attempting to figure out where all one's money goes.

    oh dude. you lost me at the b-word. i don't open bills. if they want my money, they can come and visit. if i don't open it, it's not there. the opposite of field of dreams: envelopes from hell.

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