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    06 November 2007


    Hmmm - first of all I hope I'm not too late - it's only 18:03 here, but time zones and whatnot may put me past midnight with you? (Just pat me gently on the head if I've got it all the wrong way round.)

    Now - tricky words... hmmm...


    any of those any good?

    very very happy birthday!

    My word is: commissure (yes, it's jargon but otherwise my vocabulary is pretty limited..)

    Stumbled on your blog looking for Great Adirondack Sirino info, and had to chuckle because I was literally just yesterday trying to explain the significance of 42 to a colleague, an elderly gentleman who just didn't get it. Happy Birthday!

    Can I plead brain dead and simply wish you a happy birthday a tad early, my fellow Scorp?

    sister chromatids ... thanks for ruining yarn for me. i got tested on mitosis and meiosis last night.

    i did well, so it's probably just a temporary aversion.

    anyway, my vocabulary is rather limited so i'm not going to play but i will wish you a happy birthday!

    have a great one!

    Double stop.



    my word is marshmallow. okay, it's not really a word to define. i just believe that if you can accurately describe (not define) a marshmallow in a foreign language, you can consider yourself fluent. and i mean the weird confectionery, not the plant.

    so, a real word? um. nope. can't think of anything that would stump you. i could cheat and get my beyond balderdash. nope. i'll just watch others play.

    quinquennium- I came across it in a journal and had to look it up.


    I'll be back with more. I just bought my SO the complete OED. it is a wonderful toy for word geeks

    All right, I'll play along, because I like words, and I also like that brownish yarn. :-)

    Here's a list to entertain you, deliberately non-alphabetical:


    Happy birthday!

    (Spell check only recognized one of them - LOL!)

    My word may be a bit of a cheat - Drite. It is not Norwegian (although they do use it and you should not say it around a prim and proper Norwegian) and is only regularly used in parts of Canada as a not bad word.

    My not cheating word is Virid.

    I was going to mention Free Rice too. Very fun although I can see me having issues with my Level number. I couldn't quit playing this morning until I had raised it to a decent number.

    Happy Birthday!

    My submission is "symploce".

    Okay, I played FreeRice ( until it gave me:

    Happy birthday! I was going to go with something hard to define, like "truth" or "pornography", but a word you haven't heard before? I'm a science geek too - that's hard! Because most people wouldn't know what PCR is, but clearly that would be right in your realm. I'll have to think harder.

    Happy (pre) birthday!

    Question - is it a word that you could not define of the top of your head, or one that you wouldn't have the resources to find out...

    Here is one of my favorites: vug

    Ah someone else who says "many happy returns of the day" fab.

    fond (as a noun)

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