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    04 November 2007


    What a wonderful take on EZ, of course with your stylish spin. La Pit is growing by leaps and bounds . She is so beautiful.

    Sneaky you! I never knew about this project, and here it is, complete and modeled. Veddy nice.

    That is a lovely lovely sweater!
    And a gorgeous daughter to go in it.

    It's a perfect little girl sweater. I bet you have to wrestle it off Peach Pit for a washing when the time comes. Girly says she likes the furry sweater.

    That's awesome! PeachPit looks beautiful. I think you have a new pattern there.

    That is beyond cute. I love the pink fuzzy goodness.

    very nice! The fuzziness makes it seem more frost-worthy, also with your cute elfin model it looks very Dr. Suess-ian, nice job.

    i think it looks great. peaches are fuzzy anyway, right?

    and check out that come-on-i-dare-you look. she's going to make me throw the first rock.

    It looks like she likes the jacket too. I like the mods, and the texture of the yarn you chose.

    Awesome connection with my Maf-ghan, and incredible work here. In order to truly understand how you've departed from the Tomten, I'll probably need to make a Tomten. But whatever you've done, I can see that this design is sleek. Me likely. And the cute kiddo too, of course.

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