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    08 November 2007


    Oleo. Not the spread or the acid. I got if from the Mr. (AME) if that helps with figuring it out.

    I love "nabob" because it will always be part of "nattering nabobs of negativity". And cheers to Emily for defining claudication!

    Two more: enharmonic and hemiola.

    Because cerumen, claudication and transude were all on your "stumpers" list, I thought I'd add a few more medical terms in hopes that I'll stump you with one or two.
    And, because you're getting older: hypsodont.

    I wrote a grant on claudication! The literal translation from Swedish is "window shopping sickness." (I wrote the grant in Sweden, but in English.)

    My favorite West Virginia phrase is "he didn't take offense, he took the whole gate."

    I just thought of something my mother used to say all the time. "Don't that just rot your socks!" Also there's more parts of Canada dialect specific, "What's the machine?" {MIL} and "How's my lover?" {not referring to the person you are sleeping with or have slept with}

    Damn there are some very smart people out there including you!

    The power of a challenge.

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