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    14 September 2007


    I have always loved that sweater.

    Ha! Great use of words (again) glad to see that there are other (very apt) uses for event horizon!

    capital of saskatchewan?

    No Swaearing (spelled right, pronounced Swah-air-ing)? The thing that we all do when we realize that we are heading toward an unexpected negative ease but not yet at the problem solving stage.

    Very clever list. I may have to use a term or two although I freely admit to having to come up with my own designs because I rarely swatch or swish.

    I actually laughed out loud reading your lexicon. But you forgot smack, which is the pleasurably intoxicating, yet dangerously addictive, quality possessed by many natural fibers.

    squee - the sound of many knitters laughing in delight at knitting jokes that no one else understands (or really want to understand)

    Your definition of swish ("swatch less than 30 stitches wide, prepared by optimistic knitters") needs to be further refined. I knitting up a swatch of more than 30 stitches wide for yarn that in theory knits up at 3st/in is overkill.

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