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    28 July 2007


    My husband doesn't take up much space in shoes, but he has tons of computer stuff stored in our home (mostly old computers from 80s and such). I'm being very careful not to get rid of too much of it, since him having so much stuff makes me feel better of having a bit more of yarn and tons of books...

    Why is a recording of the well-tempered clavier nestled between his ankles?

    my husband was influenced by a project in readymade and we now have our 10 pairs (his and mine) up off the floor in the laundry room. his are skanky: mine, mildly putrid. it's the same room with the litter box, so it's a swirl of olifactory yum.

    i also think men can be divided into two groups: flintstone toes and spider monkey toes. your husband is a spider monkey man.

    Ah well, you never win if you never try.

    I don't know that I would culture our shoes/boots either although running shoes would have more air going through them and if allowed to completely dry out and weren't worn for three or more days, they may not have as much bacteria or fungal matter as you would think they did. Give it a shot. You've probably handled much worse in the lab. The thought may be the worst thing about his shoes.

    Thanks for the results. It's amazing the things we collect, isn't it? Shoes and sheet music, what a combination.

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