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    03 July 2007


    I think that the area traffic has gotten crazier in the past few months. Every single day I go to work, there is someone turning LEFT on red when all traffic is supposed to be stopped for pedestrians. Then again there are often pedestrians who stroll out into the street in front of oncoming traffic.

    Again, you and I are proved to be kindred spirits. I never take up conversation with the Greenpeace/Save the Children/ACLU/MassPIRG 20somethings. It's all "Sorry, not today!" with a cheery wave and I'm off. I do find it tiresome to deal with them every. single. day. though. But I'm curious what you talked about.

    those who solicit in brisbane are usually backpackers making some money. no one deep into the cause. and no one accepts a bit of change anymore. want credit card commitment. "but then i won't have anything left for another charity." "yes, but..." yeah... keep it private.

    i knitted on the train yesterday and tried not to poke the person next to me. i was the first on the seat and was already knitting when he sat down. is it okay to think "well, i was knitting when he chose to sit down next to me and there were other empty seats." is that bad?

    i think knitting (or spinning on a spindle) in public brings on great conversations. and stops some offensive ones (they stop and stare).

    You described quite a picture of Boston traffic and drivers (something I don't miss now that I've moved away). And the pollen/asthma thing: this is the WORST year in recent memory. I work in a doctor's office and we have seen more allergies this year than ever.

    I would have yelled at those drivers too. They were obviously so busy with their trying to get somewhere they weren't paying attention to what they were doing.

    Glad you found a positive note on the bus though. Maybe you will meet up again at a yarn store and get to pet her new project. Your circle blanket is gorgeous by the way! So bright and cheery. Butterfly Super 10 is so soft and light is must feel like a knitting a smooth cloud.

    I find the strong majority of Greenpeace people are grossly uninformed and quite often more fanatic than activist. I always laugh when the Mr. tells tales of Greenpeace workers circling the oil rigs off the coast of Newfoundland ranting and raving about oil while using ancient diesel fueled boats. Also the ones who carry cardboard signs on wooden signposts while protesting logging crack me up too.

    And I thought I was the only person I knew who yelled at obnoxious drivers.

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