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    22 July 2007


    I finished HP, but my lip is buttoned. Hey, did you ever reveal how many pairs of running shoes your husband has?

    love the yarn, yummy colors.

    HP7 is excellent, fully enjoyed it.

    there is no point in having a budget if you aren't trying to budge a bit. what is the point of a fence with no critters to keep in? a leash with no dog? a bridle with no horse?

    your budget is pointless if you don't challenge it from time to time.

    i'm not a financial adviser, by the way.

    The yarn is gorgeous! Don't tell me anything. I haven't gotten mine yet (today) and I don't want to know until I can finish it. Although I do like the idea of Harry being a Horcrux. Neville would be interesting choice for a Horcrux too since he was also born on the same day as Harry.

    Great choices! I love that yarn, too.

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