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    07 July 2007


    It's beautiful! It looks both warm and pretty. The perfect stole.

    I've awarded you with a Rockin' Girl Blogger button! Just because you do.

    Beautiful! I really love the colors.

    What Brenda said. And it's another gorgeous piece of geekery! Happy 7/7/07!

    oh, love the colors & construction, very nice work!

    It feels like you've used all the Galilean moons, so what one to use? So many to choose from, but I like the back-story to Themisto (the hide & seek satellite) although Amalthea has a nice ring to it as well...

    That's going to be a great stole.
    Today was a perfect day to blog about sevens.

    i eat guacamole & chips. how i remembered those moons.

    so which moon?

    i love the colours. i love all things blue and green.


    i lie.

    bruises not so hot.

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