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    13 July 2007


    I had one of them there summer colds and,let me tell you, I understand. They are not fun. Not fun at all. It happened during a bad time when I was responsible for teaching a summer intern how to clone. I'm the only one in the lab who knows how, so I had to sacrifice and get my tail to work.

    Yuk - poor you. I've got a cold so I can empathize. But what a nice sick present from your little sweetie! Feel better!

    Yuck. Being sick in the summer is way worse. Do you feel like you have the flu? Because I had something similar, and if it makes you feel any better I was able to flush it out of my body in about 36 hours.

    Blah! Phooey to summer viruses! Perhaps it takes an especially hardy strain of what got your coworkers to knock you out...not that that's any consolation at good. Anything that makes you feel better, most especially including ice cream: good.

    hope you're better soon!

    why do i always expect Lawrence after i read DH?

    i never did read his books.

    sorry about the crummies. it's mid joolee here and it's our coldest summer in 80 years. of course canadians and minnesotans and loonies from the dakotas would be in their bikinis.

    love the shell. it's a bit of positive for your nasty day.

    oh that rots! I hope you feel better *real* soon.

    But nice job capturing the light in this photo...

    Being sick in the summer is way worse than any other time. I hope you feel much better soon. I'm sending some feel fab vibes now.

    Summer sicknesses are just the pits. Sorry you got caught. At least you had time to just be sick by yourself!

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