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    06 July 2007


    I like Heather's math. So I will say 32 pairs and size 11.

    It's too early in the morning for me to think this through so I'll just guess a number that seems logical. A number he might have and one that would also be leading you to keep asking him to organize or get rid of his shoes. 18.
    Shoe size, no idea, but I'll guess 10.

    I'm going to guess high and say 25 pairs. Is this like "The Price Is Right"? Shoe Size = 11.

    My guess is 9 pairs and he wears a size 9. Just to be consistent.

    Oop! Thunder, must get off the computer and shut it down. Paranoia and all. One of the less than stellar aspects of living in a trailer in the open with no trees taller than your roof within 40 feet.

    I can't even hazard a guess. But I will say that at least he, too, is familiar with the concept of stash.

    oooh, marathons. tell your husband that i ended the 2006 honolulu marathon on a broken neck of femur becuase i di... because i didn't change into new shoes in time. i'm convinced. SO BUY MORE SHOES! ... just get rid of old ones. there are little companies that send them (washed) to small islands.

    so, my guess? if he's like my husband (also a marathoner)... um...

    8. and each one a skanky petri dish.

    Hmm....this is a good one.

    Lets say that he trained consistently between 1993 - 2006 at 2.5 pairs per year, so 14 years x 2.5 pairs = 35 pairs. And lets say that 25% of those have been retired beyond walking use, so about 26 pairs of his shoes, and lets say 6 pairs did not make it in your moves. So, 20 pair is my guess.

    Size...I'll guess 10.5

    Well, I'm pretty sure I saw at least 6 distinct pairs in the pictures. I'm going to have to go with 11 pairs of running shoes.

    And I look forward to reading about the July 4th disaster.

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