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    13 June 2007


    This looks like another interesting project!

    Sometimes those are the best projects, just get in the groove of it. The color is beautiful too.

    And ... for whatever sick reason, I keep reading your headline as "wham bam garter ma'am."

    It's beautiful. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I love that colorway.

    It looks good.

    Your WWIP day sounds like quite a trip and I think drag queens would make most people's day a little unusual. Of course it is a little disconcerting to stand beside a man in drag who looks way better as a woman than you do.

    Interesting. Do your comments re starting the first row and binding off apply to most projects in general? (I know the slipped stitch on each row does.)Every little detail matters, so I'm happy to learn new ones.

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