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    10 June 2007


    Somehow I missed ALL the festivities.

    Hi Suzanne,
    I have read part of your blog and I felt a little "homesick". Boston was great and especially knitting in Boston. Hope you get my e-mail...
    greetings Alice

    Sorry you didn't find the knitters. My plans to find WWKIP were also confounded by bad weather and logistics. And I was at Harvard's fountain that Sunday also! But just passing through....

    I didn't make it there either; visitors from out of town and an unexpected field trip took over. I'm sorry you missed out -- missing the location sounds entirely like something I would do and who knows, we could have knit alone together.

    I love Bearfoot's colors and yarn -- that one is particularly nice!

    I totally planned to go as well, but the forecast kept me home.
    too bad.

    Widget and I marched in the parade with my church group, but didn't make it to the end, since someone had to pee (hint: it wasn't me).

    We peeled off, got lunch and went to spend too much money at Windsor Button instead, which was excellent. Sorry we missed you, though.

    Sounds good to me. We were supposed to come down for Pride, but the weather forecast kept us home. Of course, the weather never really materialized, so now I feel guilty about not attending Pride. And I could've run into you too! Next time ...

    oohhh... if only you had gotten off at Hynes/ICA and crossed through the prudential to copley you would have run into us in the food court.

    Hope it wasn't to lonely...

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