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    26 March 2007


    thank you for the invitation. good luck to the pianist. and have a wonderful time.

    Good luck to the pianist! It sounds like a wonderful program.

    oh, good. I'm glad you posted this. i was about to email you to get the details.

    Relatives in town and all that, but it sounds lovely, wish we could...

    Different type of invite for you -- just wanted to let you know that I finally posted the gift giving of Callisto Pico of the Red Version on my blog; linked to you, of course, but thought you might want to wander through...

    Sigh, it sounds beautiful! Right up my alley for tunes. Girly would probably be right in there wanting to play too. She and the other two have a thing for dancing to the Opera so I bet she would love to dance to his playing. Me too for that matter.

    Oh, this sounds fun. Little Man is also a big music fan, an eclectic mix of Wiggles, Jack Johnson, and most recently "valdi's rain". I can't really expect him to pronounce Vivaldi correctly yet, can I? And I nearly die of delight when I hear "mommmmmmmy, I need valdi's rain ..... please?" from the backseat. I'll check in later in the week, but I'd love to come down and see the whole fam-damily.

    there it is! Will try and get over there - totally clueless about other household member's commitments, but it sounds nifty. I like that I don't know any of this music (though anything called a scherzo, I'm all over) (because I'm, well, kinda scherzo myself) Thanks for the head's up.

    Also--TOO FUNNY, red-tailed hawk and sign on stairs. OMG.

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