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    21 March 2007


    I love that sweater!! and the colors!!!

    Very impressed.

    The sweater is beautiful and I love your color choices.

    Wow. Sorry for the redundancy.
    But double wow.
    You deserve something fabulous.

    I love these color choices.

    Wow, that is quite a comeback! I like the sweater and I do agree that it is hardly stash if it never makes it there. Although that is a good chunk of budget, I think with roll-overs and gifting, you should more than break even at the end of it all.

    I hope Dahlia is back up and running at full speed without any hiccups and burps. I've missed you.

    Welcome Back! Oohhh love the yarn - very nice, hope you've enjoyed working with it!

    Wow. Just wow. That is really beautiful. So tell me about the sequencing - I think I see what's going on. There is a clear sequence, but there's also the appearance of randomness when it's all placed together. (so glad you've posted again - I check every day!)

    Wow. That's lovely. Plus it hardly counts as stash if it's used right away.

    The sweater is GORGEOUS, I love your coice of colors! That Nanney is an OK gal. Glad you're back.

    I was just about to pop over and write that I missed you and leave a welcome back for whenever you got back, and here I am, and lo!... So I did miss your blogging, and I do love the sweater -- those colors are fantastic!

    Oooh - I have never heard of Sea Colors yarn before. I definitely need to check it out for myself! The sweater is positively stunning and I'm glad to hear that things are leaning towards the better side now. =)

    Glad to see you back! Your sweater is lovely!

    Good god, it's stunning! Nice book too. I didn't know about it before, and now it's on my list. ;-)

    Wow. That is spectacular.

    And Sea Colors is always worth a yarn indiscretion.

    Beautiful, beautiful!
    And I DID miss you :) Glad you are back.

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