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    15 May 2006


    Oh, Knitting Nature. I'm so jealous!

    Your sushi outing looks splendid. I've read "Dimm Sum for Everyone" to Arthur for the past two nights in hopes of getting his interest in trying that out some time. At the back of the book there are small drawings of some of the typical dim sum offerings, and one of them was described as a steamed meatball. "Meatballs! I like meatballs! Can we get some more from the big blue store? [more commonly known as Ikea, and we still have plenty of those frozen Swedish meatballs in our freezer])"

    I cover the Knitting Nature books. Fabulous.

    Awww! From the mouths of babes... That sweater yarn looks fabulous!

    Yeah, that Knitting Nature is a great book. I'm waiting a little while, to see if I still like it as much in a month or two--then I'll buy.

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