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    05 January 2008


    An excellent authority, eh? Thanks! My Athens flight is Saturday, and I've got my H hook at the ready. Wooden, of course. And an extra in my suitcase, just in case!

    Hmmmm... so your crocheting - goody! Not that I'm all up on the straight crochet patterns or anything (I can't ever manage to read those symbols). But there IS always the freeform. Oh, and there are also these:

    Crochet is always good and even better in Noro and on planes. No one gets all paranoid about a hook.

    Hmmm, plans for little ol' me? I like cross secret planning stuff! :)

    thanks for explaining pulse chase. i was getting around to asking what the heck that was.

    i can't think of heathrow without thinking of ken trying to say cathcart towers in a fish called wanda.

    anyway, everyone knows that only calvin of C&Hobbes mastered transmogrified flesh.

    When I first learned about the sock-weight Noro, I was wondering how long it would be before you got some, and what you'd make with it since socks aren't your thing.

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