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    26 August 2007


    it's just because popcorn made with a whirly pop is made with more fun. popcorn kernels need love to fluff.

    My DH suspects that the age and type (well, brand) of popcorn has a lot to do with it. I used Orville's, which my DH swears by as the one which pops the most and probably the fluffiest. For almost all other products, he's a believer in generics, but don't mess with his popcorn!

    I'm hungry....

    I think the age of my popcorn and the relative humidity this year makes my experiment flawed. My second attempt had far less oil and a higher heat to try to compensate for how humid it was, but I still got close to the same results. I would need to get newer popcorn and wait for drier weather or for a day where it wouldn't be a waste of money (cool and humid, so fun.) to flick on the A/C to dry out the air inside. Maybe tomorrow. It's supposed to get warm and humid this week. If I tried it again using the same amount of oil, popcorn and heat with old popcorn and humidity out of the picture then I would most likely get results similar in ratio to the norm. Although when I worked at a summer camp on a lake we used to make excellent popcorn in huge pots on the gas range regardless of the environmental factors and I do believe that 27:1 would be about right.

    Hi Suzanne. Hope you got a good nap yesterday. I think the Whirley-Pop does two important things--it controls the escape of moisture, and it provides effective stirring so that more kernels pop. In my experience, the fresher the popcorn (i.e., more moisture in the kernels), the fuffier the pop. I think you'd need to figure out some way to control for the moisture level in the corn and measure the volume of kernels left behind (unpopped) after the popcorn was prepared.

    I am so wanting to go downstairs and pop some corn. Too bad it's so hot in my apartment!

    Woo-hoo! I was a bit off, 26:1, would NOT have guessed that. Good thought experiment!

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